- Swipe / Touch the Touchscreen with your hand (light will illuminate).


- Key in the 2 random numbers that appear on the Touchscreen.


- After which key in your PIN CODE (password) followed by the Asterisk* and the lock will be released (you can hear the sound), turn door knob to open.


- When you close the door, it will automatically lock by itself after 3 sec.(enter or step out)


- To open from inside, press the 'key' sign button to release the lock FIRST before turning the door knob to open the door.



* A personal password will be assigned to you to access the room and this password must NOT be shared.


* Do not violate the DNC rule when you use the land line in the room






P.S. If the lock does not function correctly after you have entered your PIN CODE:


- Check that the PIN CODE was entered correctly (Wait for light illumination to turn off and try again)


- If the touchscreen illumination turns off while entering the PIN CODE, the button input was not registered. Touch the [Touchscreen] to illuminate the touchscreen and enter the

PIN CODE again from the beginning. (The touchscreen illumination is turned off automatically if there is no input within 5 sec.)


- If after few failed attempts, please do not continue as probably someone had meddled with the system just before you and it 'hang'. Try again after 10 mins, it will definitely work if you enter the correct PIN CODE.




- Two ways to book the room : i) advance booking thro online (Guarantee); ii) Day bookings (only for the same day) at least 1 hr in advance thro sms or whatsapp (No guarantee as it's subject to availability and on 'first-come-first-served basis)


- Advance bookings are always encouraged. Please book before midnight for the following day time slots. Calendar is set such that bookings must be placed minimum 9 hrs in advance. (The calendar is not the PAID version and hence still requires manual updating)


- When the scheduling page time-slots of the day are blocked, you can book thro sms / whatsapp for the very day.


- Day bookings must be made at least 1 hr in advance via sms / whatsapp as room availability cannot be established immediately. Please check calendar first before sending your text. e.g. Booking for 1pm must be made before 12noon. Bookings between 12:05pm to 12:55pm would be for the earliest time slot of 2pm.


- If you wish to extend the 2 hrs usage, please follow the day booking rule as well, i.e. to book at least 1 hr in advance before your session ends. Do note however priority will still be given to Team Managers who need the room for interview during these extended bookings. (Max 2 hr usage still apply when other needs arise.)


- ​Take note room is considered unoccupied if extension notice by existing user is not given and DAY bookings would have priority to take over the usage of the room. (Day bookings would only be accepted for the day, you are still require to book online for the next day time slots)


- Please text me when you have finished using the room.


- For the last two ​time slots of the day (i.e. 3pm - 5pm & 5pm - 7pm) and all Sat bookings, please help to switch off the lights when you leave.


- Unless absolutely necessary, please avoid cancelling your booking at the eleven hour. Hence, if you need to cancel, do it early through the same email that was send to you when you booked. 


-  Steps to open door from inside: 1. PRESS THE 'KEY' SIGN BUTTON FIRST on the gadget to release the lock; 2. Turn the door knob to open the door. (This is because if you unknowingly turn the door knob before releasing the lock, the system will detect it as meddling and it may 'hang'.)


- Do not panic when system hang, simply wait for 2-3 mins and repeat necessary actions.


- Please note strictly no drinks and foods are to be consumed in the room. And please do not use the room without making any booking.


- Always check the time slots that were taken (Indicated as 'busy' in the calendar). Please do not enter when you know the room is 'in use' and no one is inside as the person probably has step out for a while. This is to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding when personal belonging is lost. If you need to pick up the documents, sound out the person to request for entry as a matter of courtesy before entering. (I will try to get a signage for such temporary vacate). If the colleague is not in the room and you know the room is 'in use' please call him/her, otherwise, get in touch with me if I am in the office before you enter.


- Finally always be mindful to strive to conduct ourselves in such a way that it will not inconvenience the rest of our colleagues.