Our Culture

Those who know not and know they know not are simple, help them.


Those who know not and know not they know not are fools, shun them.


Those who know and know not they know are asleep, wake them.


Those who know and know they know are wise, follow them.

Culture is not only about the attitudes but also about knowing the purpose. Everyone needs to know one needs to be part of something greater than themselves that extend beyond our loved ones and family. Knowing the sense of the purpose is key.


We have to ask ourselves, "What do we want to be known for?" For Banners, we have decided we want to be known for being able to make a difference in someone life. To do that, we consistently help others to see that they can be better than who they are until they believe. It's not about making a dollar, it's about making a difference.

Culture is therefore the social and psychological environment of an organization. It symbolizes the unique personality of a team and expresses the core values, ethics, behaviors, and beliefs of a group of like-minded business partners.


We want to create and prioritize a culture in which our business partners are purposeful and more motivated as such core values with a heartbeat of excellence and energy will be transmitted to the customers.