Our Disciplines

1. To learn to cultivate the tension of vision and reality – this expands our capacity to make better choices and hence will achieve more of the results chosen.


2. To give everyone the space to exercise their own ability and talent and in return, they owe themselves the best thinking for their business, the team and the division growth.


3. You Matter! To be people driven, not number driven! (Greater rapport and greater connection among associates and with clients)

4. To practice our business approach with the heartbeat of excellence in two words :

Relationship Oriented. Making the human connection should always precede the subject matter! To turn a CONTACT to a CONTRACT, the missing letter is 'R' : RELATIONSHIP!

5. To unite individual with differing perspectives by focusing on our common beliefs and values, i.e. we seek for alignment not agreement, aligning to our tagline, belief, values & vision, which is the culture, as culture beats strategy!
- Our tagline & belief   : We Believe in Possibilities and a Conscious Credibility Based empowered state of mind. The amount of beliefs you have determine the amount of potential you can tap into!
- Our values & vision:  Steadfast in the Power of Credibility; To Rise Up In Real Estate Business as blessings follow the righteous to be the Preferred, Passionate & Professional Real Estate Salesperson.

Overall we believe the right metrics is for everyone to help to generate enthusiasm and kindle excitement about the possibilities and the direction of our business growth with a right set of disciplines so that everyone with such heartbeat of excellence will grow and prosper and be in abundance!