Our Growth Initiatives

BANNERS - Be A Nominated, Noticeable, Empowered Realtor Successfully!

1. Associates must advance in their thinking in order to advance their life/ career.

- to believe in possibilities and armed with big dream that they can succeed in their real estate business. 

- to enlarge their 'tent', to lengthen their 'cords', i.e. to increase their expectation of their sales revenue.

- to put aside the 'all - too - consuming' fixation with any dominant factors that they think determine the success.


2. Associates are to stay in touch with existing clients/ prospects even as they consistently grow their clientele base.


3. Emphasize speed of communication/ response as it will continue to be a major factor in overall agent satisfaction of a client.

4. Emphasize nurturing as it's key to long term leads (aka future opportunities). Long term leads are often ignored by agent, which represent 77% of potential  sales  according to expert.


5. To possess the heartbeat of excellence that compels us on providing unbeatable service. No matter what type of technology is leveraged, the real estate business will always remain one of genuine human interactions.


We stand alongside our associates as we believe they need the assurance that they are not alone in their business. And to react to pressure, our advise to them is to always counter with living by principles, the BANNERS' Values. The practical part of it is to hold ground.


Hear from HelenXu, Associate Deputy Group Director, one of our Top Producer (in Mandarin)...Click

Elson T. S. CHIA

Associate Executive Director, Agency

OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd 





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