Serene Khoo's Phenomenal Achievement.

Serene Khoo - 4th Position

(March 2018 Top 50 Achievers)

Serene Khoo - 32nd Position

(1st Quarter 2018 Top 50 Achievers)

Serene Khoo - S$100K Achiever

(March 2018)

Serene Khoo - Top Rookie

(March 2018)

Serene Khoo - Top Rookie

(1st Quarter 2018)

Serene Khoo quit her salaried-paid job and joined real estate as her full time career. She learned the rope and picked up the trades fairly quickly. Serene closed some

sales & rental deals within the first 3 months and through a 'unplanned' working partnership

with a Banners' leader, Nicholas Lai, she eventually grossed her share

of her first 6-figure comm over few deals in March 2018.

(Nicholas grossed his 6 figure comm in the same month as well)

With her result, Serene was promoted from a newbie to Associate Director within 6 month. 

Serene Khoo's track record (within 6 months)

Serene won 5 awards for her March 2018 performance

at company level of 4,200 associates:

March 2018 OrangeTee & Tie - Top Rookie

March 2018 OrangeTee & Tie - 4th Top Producer (Monthly Top 50 Achievers)

1st Quarter 2018 OrangeTee & Tie - Top Rookie

1st Quarter 2018 OrangeTee & Tie - 32nd Top Producer (Quarterly Top 50 Achievers)

100K Achiever in OrangeTee & Tie for March 2018 

And of course, Serene also emerged as Banners' No 1 Top Producer in March 2018

Elson T. S. CHIA

Associate Executive Director, Agency

OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd 




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